My name is Josee Williams, owner of Power Up OCT. I started my journey into OCR in 2014 when my sweet friend Alice convinced me to try a local mud run with her, which got me hooked! From there, I went on to convince another dear friend, Ashleigh to compete with me in a team event. Then, she was hooked. We started looking up ways to train for these races and did our first Spartan race in 2016. That year, we completed our first trifecta with only my knowledge, her willingness to try anything and the help of a few friends. We both knew that we could complete these races but now we wanted to do better. We wanted to complete all the obstacles and even become competitive in our age groups. We continued to learn better ways of training and I became a certified Spartan Coach. We had some obstacles built in my barn, hung a 20-foot rope and rings and started doing “barn workouts”.

In 2018, we became successful while competing in the Spartan age group division. We were able to gain several podiums and qualifications to the North American OCR Championship and Spartan Regional Championship. We participated in Savage Races, Bonefrog and several local races as well. The evolution of the sport and the increasing popularity of the races were happening quickly. We knew that we needed a facility with better equipment, obstacles, and rigs seen in these types of races, to train. We were also becoming a resource for people who were interested in participating in obstacle races. This is where I found my passion for helping people overcome obstacles. Seeing the sense of accomplishment in someone’s eyes when they finally climbed over the 8-foot wall or climbed to the top of the rope gave me great joy. I wanted to be able to do that for more people. I wanted to show people that they are stronger than they think, and they can accomplish what seems impossible with hard work, dedication and good coaching.

My goal is to build obstacle conquerors in and outside of the gym, through my own experience as a race participant, my knowledge as a Physical Therapist and Spartan SGX Coach and my genuine desire to help people achieve the impossible.  

Come meet us, and let’s conquer some obstacles together!